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An image vocabulary for children about feelings, rights and safety, personal care and sexuality


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Below is a list of 'how it is' pages, each consisting of multiple images centred around a similar subject. Click on the descriptive phrases to display the images.

Page Decriptive Phrases
1 happy, cheerful, joyful
2 happy, cheerful, joyful 2
3 excited, very happy, content, comfortable, satisfied, happy, confident, proud
4 doesn't matter, lonely, left out, who cares, don't know, doesn't matter, so so, indifferent, alright, don't care, not fun, boring, not funny
5 angry, cross, mad, furious
6 angry, cross, mad, fierce, hate, dislike, detest, irratated, frazzled, frustrated, angry
7 sad, upset, unhappy, cry, miserable, hurt feelings, helpless, depressed
8 sad, upset, unhappy, cry, miserable, hurt feelings, helpless, depressed 2, lonely
9 hurt, sad, upset, hurt feelings, helpless, depressed, put down, pick on, picked on, bully, mean, nasty, horrible
10 embarrassed, shy, ashamed, guilty, uncomfortable, worried, vulnerable, unsafe, in pain, sad, hurt, sore
11 shy, embarrassed, hurt, sad, upset, hurt feelings, mean, nasty, horrible, picked on, put down, bully, patronised, bitter, hostile, cross, jealous, envious
12 naughty, evil, wicked, cheeky, stupid, thick, dumb, silly, pull faces, selfish, mean, nasty, horrible, bully, picked on, put down
13 confused, unsure, not sure, don't know, can't remember, scared, frightened, panic, shock, worried, sick, poorly, ill, unwell
14 worry, panic, scared, tired, sleepy, exhausted, knackered, bored, boring, not fun
15 no, stop, don't, not allowed, finish, stop, no more, never, get lost, go away, leave me alone
16 leave me alone, go away, get lost, get off, I don't feel like doing anything, sad, upset
17 wouldn't stop, I'll do it myself, me, independent, stop, don't, it's not fair, why
18 oh no, no, don't, ah no, stop, lost, lonely, sad
19 I like being different, different, cool, odd one out, alone, lonely, left out, only one, me, by myself, I'm the only one
20 came up to, approach, come up to, run, run away, run off, away, walk away, go away, ran away, left alone, stay, sit still
21 make me, make you, my fault, I did it, your fault, you did it, I didn't do it
22 let me have a go, want, my turn, let me see, leave out, play, friends, my go
23 against the rules, foul, breaking the rules, trip, wrong, bad, naughty, not allowed, shouldn't, good, allowed, always ask an adult, ask an adult, rules
24 control, look after, restrain, hold, force, hold down, sit on
25 important, must, make, force, donít be mean, tell off, allow, allowed, said its ok, not allowed, no, stop
26 quiet, be quiet, secret, don't tell, shut up, tell
27 lie, fib, argue, shout at, argument, squabble, arguing, bully, physical abuse, abuse, threaten, pick on, put down, mean, nasty, horrible
28 pull faces, naughty, stick out tongue, cheeky, pull face, tongue
29 stare, look at, see, itch, scratch, tickle, tickling, tickle me (not liked)
30 slap, smack, beat, whack, squeeze, hurt
31 hit, punch, thump, pain, whack, hurt, poke, pinch, kick, grab, squeeze
32 poke, hurt, pain, pinch, kick
33 grab, hurt, pain, hold, hug, cuddle, drag, pull
34 burn, set fire to, pain, scald, hurt, pull hair, push, shove, bite, bit, eat,
35 sting, hurt, pain, ouch, that hurt
36 accident, pain, pretend, brave face, hide feelings, secret, ssh, safe, protect, secure
37 hug, cuddle, hold, snug up to, love, comfort, hold hands, friends, kiss
38 gentle, nice, kind, look after, hold, cuddle, hug, comfort, proud, important, tickle, tickling, tickle me, love
39 fun, happy, funny, laugh at, laugh, giggle, friend, pal, buddy, mate, best friend
40 cosy, comfortable, relaxed, relax, sexy, flirty, in love, love, special
41 touch, good touch, bad touch, yukky touch, snatch, take, steal, drag, pull, push
42 tear, rip, break, snap, rubbing, squirt, spit, grows bigger, bigger, get bigger
43 suck, spit, lick
44 big, large, bigger, larger, small, tiny, different, I am different, odd one out, shaking, scared, wobble, shake
45 fluffy, furry, hairy, warm, cold, shiver, chilly, freezing, hot
46 beautiful, pretty, good looking, handsome, spotty, fat, smelly
47 no, not, don't, wrong, against the rules, right, like, love, donít like, dislike
48 bad, naughty, good
49 talk, speak, see, look, stare, hear, listen, think, imagine, clever, intelligent, brainy, smart, forget, don't remember
50 decide, pick, choice, choose, against, dislike, it, that
51 advocacy, rights, representation, advocate, self advocate, charter, rights, bill of rights, promise
52 overpower, force, bully, danger, beware, kill, murder, dead, death
53 feel, feelings, wish, want
54 help, think, imagine, treat, present, give
55 hungry, food, thirsty, drink, yummy, tastes good, nice, tube, pole, hole, places
56 glasses, specs, wheelchair, wash, clean, wipe, shower, bath, bed
57 man, male, woman, lady, female, boy, girl, I, me
58 child, younger, kid, little, adult, grown-up, older, big, big kids, older kids
59 underwear, pants, knickers, tummy button, belly button, navel, hair, fluffy, underarm hair, sweat, hot, smelly armpits